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The Park Lodge is located close to several major attractions including the famous Burgers Park, The State Theater, Church Square and the National Zoological Gardens.

National Zoological Gardens

This 85-acre zoo lies at the heart of Pretoria.

It is the national zoo of South Africa and was founded by JWB Gunning. Touted as being the biggest in South Africa, this zoo houses the largest inland aquarium in Africa, which also has a marine fish component.

It is also the only zoo in South Africa that is home to Koalas, Okapi, Komodo Dragons and Forest buffalo to name but a few.

Burgers Park

Burgers Park is in the center of Pretoria, South Africa. Founded in the 1870’s as a botanical garden, it covers four acres and has been declared a South African National Monument. It is named after Thomas François Burgers, the fourth president of the South African Republic and houses a great number of interesting structures. These include a large fish pond, a florarium, a cast-iron Bandstand, a statue of President Burgers, and a World War 1 monument.

Union Buildings

The Union Buildings (Afrikaans: Die Uniegebou) form the official seat of the South African government and houses the offices of the president of South Africa.

The imposing buildings are in Pretoria atop Meintjieskop at the northern end of Arcadia, close to historic Church Square and the Voortrekker Monument. The large gardens of the Buildings are nestled between Government Avenue, Vermeulen Street East, Church Street, the R104 and Blackwood Street. Fairview Avenue is a closed road where only officials can enter to the Union Buildings.

Though not in the center of Pretoria the Union Buildings occupy the highest point of Pretoria and constitute a South African national heritage site.

State Theatre

The South African State Theatre saw the birth of and was the driving force behind the establishment of the performing arts in all spheres within South Africa.

The theatre today plays a leading role in the development of the performing arts and is host to entertainment which displays the diverse cultures of our wonderful country.

Pretoria City Hall

Pretoria City Hall is a large building in the city centre which was built in 1931 and inaugurated in 1935 to celebrate the city-status obtained by Pretoria in 1931.

It is located on Paul Kruger Street, south of Church Square and across the street from the Transvaal Museum.

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